Friday, May 09, 2008

Some ideas I've come up with for Julia that I want to share .... these have been helpful since 2 1/2 months or so.

Use the pacifier clips to clip a toy to your girl when she's interested in toys but doesn't know how to hold one for a long time. This way it doesn't travel far when she drops it and she can easily find it again.

Use a car seat head support insert thing in her high chair so she doesn't smack her head on the hard plastic when she's just learning to sit up and her muscle control isn't that great yet.

When she's fussy in the late afternoon because she's tired but it's not bedtime, go outside and sit on a blanket ... the wind in the trees, the cars passing by, and the kids on their bikes all provide endless distraction and entertainment (along with the toys and books we're playing with and reading).

Use a cloth baby diaper on top of the normal pad and cover on the changing table. It's easier to pop it in the washer than the whole changing table sheet. Keep a couple cloth diapers to rotate every few days to minimize the germ build-up.

And something I wish I knew from day one:

If she wakes up crying she's not done sleeping yet and is usually angry she's awake and probably needs help getting back to sleep. Either sit by her and pat her back/bottom or if she really won't settle after a few minutes, lay down with her in your bed, or put her in a moby wrap and help her get back to sleep. When she wakes up happy you know she's had enough sleep. If she gets cranky an hour later and it's not her diaper or hunger ... she probably needs sleep again! Trust me ... she sleeps a lot! And is a much happier baby when she gets to sleep! Guard her nap times and bed times with your life!!

Any mommy advice to give me?? I'm still learning!!

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