Saturday, January 10, 2009

Neighboorhood Nuisance


Three noisey dogs.

Barking at everything that passes by ... cars, people, animals ... and stealing things from my property. They roam and follow and bark ... and look at my dear helpless little girl like she's their next chew toy.

So I pulled some "Dog Whisperer" stunts on them.

I give them the "I don't care who you are, I'll punt you across this lawn in a heart beat!" look. And I step closer to them when they step closer to me with an even more earnest "I wouldn't come closer if I were you" stance.

And they leave us alone. When I'm in the yard, they don't step foot on our property.

I throw a little party in my head every time they back down. :-)

I love the Dog Whisperer ... good stuff!


Maureen said...

We love the Dog Whisperer, too! Calm assertive all the way!!! That guy is amazing. And we have an awesome dog because we have tried some of the things he teaches. Exercise, discipline, affection, in that order...Can you tell I've watched him a few times? :>)

andrea said...

our neighbors have one of those dogs who runs the perimeter of the fence barking and howling at 5 a.m. when the garbage trucks come through. though i can't see him, i too am giving the dog that look.

i like your new home here :)

Anonymous said...

funny, Adam Karlewicz was at RPI I think and had his back to a dumpster and for some reason, a raccoon jumped out at him, I think landing briefly on his shoulder.... anyway, the one piece of the story I did retain is that he was so shocked by the raccoon and not wanting it near him, he did indeed PUNT the raccoon into the woods across the way...or something like that...anyway, Adam punted a raccoon. Shocking right? I know...crazy.

who else would tell such a choppy story?-