Sunday, February 08, 2009

wii are fat and wii need a change

For Thom's 40th birthday/Christmas present we purchased a wii. I was reluctant but it was THE only thing he'd been asking for since June of '07. Whenever we received gift cards for our wedding he asked (begged!) for a wii. I politely denied his request and continued meandering through the housewares section. Since he was still asking for one a year and a half later, I figured he was serious about wanting the wii and this wasn't some toy helicopter that he'd play with for a few weeks and then forget about.

I have to say I've enjoyed the wii ... even renewed my love of Tetris. It's an expensive toy though. I'm not a fan of credit cards and spending money we don't have, but we made a purchase last Monday that we're putting to good use. The wii Fit.

For two fatties who sit on the couch and watch tv every night this has been a great tool for us! This past week has been so different. It's nice to come home, have fun, be together, and work at our goal toward becoming the hottest married couple this side of the Mississippi. Thom is doing step areobics as I type ... I just finished a 34 min. workout and now get my turn to laugh at him while he tries his foot at it. :-)

I've skiied, boxed, rolled marbles, and caught fish all with the shift of my weight. And let me tell ya ... there's a lot of it!

I caught a glimpse of myself in a dark window while eating an ice cream cone last night on a date with my husband. Sad to say I was startled by the reflection because I thought it was someone else standing outside. I didn't even recognize my own stinkin' reflection!!!

When you step on the wii balance board be prepared for brutal honesty. I had to laugh when the board said "OH!" as I stepped on. And then tells you the truth ... fatty style. "That's obese!" You should definitely be able to laugh at yourself, or at least the wii Fit. You can cry if you need to ... but I find it best to acknowledge the truth and move on. Or just MOVE. That's a good start!


Jacqs said...

PS. I haven't made banana bread since my last post. That should help our hips too!

Maureen said... is good to laugh at ourselves, isn't it? Sure would be fun to come do some step aerobics with you-xo

sue said...

I dont have a wii.. but I do have a gym membership that I have actually been using.. and let me tell you it is the best used 10 bucks a month that I could spend... good for you and Thom... keep up the good work.. and eventually it will pay off and we all will be hot :-)
miss you ... love you...