Monday, July 06, 2009


I have an adorable little girl who says "boobka" instead of book and "more mickey" when she wants to nurse. She loves boo bays (the little blue fruit!) and dah-dy. A true piece of work!

When meal time is over, her hands reach for her hair and whatever her fingers smashed and mushed ends up in her brown curls. She's learning the word "mess". My husband suggested a bib for her hair so I bolted to her room today to get a wide hair band and voila! she now has a hair bib!

Corn on the cob is a new favorite food and she eagerly gobbled up a pork sandwich (they call it "barbeque" down here) for dinner.

Wa-wa is her favorite drink,

crocs her favorite shoe.

Mah, Hal, Pay, and even Uncle Jaw are her favorite relatives in her tiny little world.

I look forward to her experience, understanding, and relationships to expand in the years to come! One day she'll ask for the car keys, a $20 bill and an extension on her curfew .... but until then ... I can't capture enough of her "mess".


Maureen said...

She's adorable, Jacqui! You're a good Mama!

Quinne said...

So, so sweet, Jacqui :) She is a joy and so much fun. Love you, Q

Adrienne said...

how adorable! and I love the hair bib!!!! what a great idea... love you

The Organic Bird said...

i love the pictures! she looks like she is enjoying life with you both :)

danica said...

What an awesome post! I LOVE these little reminders of how unique and precious kids are -- not just to be all lumped together in the "cute" pile, but individual people in the making. Awesome.

More mickey? Where did THAT come from??!!

p.s. SOOOO nice to hear your voice the other night. I hung up and was like, "Wow. How could it have been so long since I heard Jacqui's voice?" Loved it.