Friday, July 17, 2009

Such a mess.

My 18 mo. old daughter loves to make a mess. My 40 yr. old husband doesn't understand why I clean up after her 5... 6... 20 times a day. To my understanding, making a mess is what she DOES. It's learning, it's playing, it's figuring things out, it's exploring, it's creating, and a gazillion other toddler-appropriate things. If the toys get thrown around the living room and stay there, how is she suppose to do all those things? So I put them back in their place, arrange the books yet again, and sort the blocks out from the stacking cups for the umpteenth time. It's work .... but she is more interested in the toys when they're neatly on the shelves than strewn all over the floor. And I WANT her to be interested in the toys. If not, then it's up to me to be her entertainment and I just can't handle that every-waking-moment job!

Other things my daughter loves: Laurie Berkner videos Confession: These videos give me 20-30 minutes of PEACE. To prepare dinner, pee, make a phone call ... she's mezmerized by this woman (even though some of her songs grate on my nerves!)

After a brilliant discovery today, I was thinking about how my 18 mo old seems more like a 5 year old to me and I wondered if other parents were rushing childhood with their hopes and dreams for their genius like I was! So tonight after bedtime I did some googling. I stumbled across some interesting websites that encouraged me to let her be a child. More specifically, a toddler. Less videos and more mess.

Grass Stain Guru
"Childhood was meant to be messy."

Sadly, when you google playtime activities for toddlers you end up with pages from unrealistic well-to-doers suggesting you spend money or engage in "simple" play things like this. But quite honestly, it's CRAP advice. I need real suggestions, people. Talk to me about how to handle the "my daughter is tearing apart the house, I just want to turn on the videos, but I feel guilty if I do!" Ah ... here it is! Something that's actually helpful! Thank you Rachel Lister!

And if you're like me and just want some fresh ideas ... check out these sites:

Free Range Kids "Let your kids go outside and play"

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Adrienne said...

Jacqui they grow up way to fast, and it is not unusual to always think ahead ... what will they be like, or I can't wait til... but do enjoy the moments.
I agree with the pick up tend to go for the organized toys. I always wondered how Noreen did it... How did she get her boys to pick up their toys and their rooms were ALWAYS in order- so one day I asked (albeit too late for some of my kids) She looked at me with that incredulous look only Nor can give, and essentially said "are you Nuts?? I do it! They do some, but when they are gone to school, or out to play... I finish the job..they do so much better if it is organized!" Duh...
And don't be surprised when one day for a split second, and only a split second you see your child and you see an image of them as an adult.. weird...but true..Enjoy the moments and the messes... this too shall pass