Saturday, October 03, 2009

What I'm reading.

I keep several magazines within reach. My nightstand overflows with books I want to read, magazines I can't get enough of, and devotional books that lead me to Peace.

Craft is one of my favorites as of late. We talk often about a hand-made Christmas. Candles, soap, felt ornaments, gingerbread mobiles, and festive decorations without all the hub-bub ... cozy nights spent at home creating and re-purposing. I peruse the aisles at book stores for ideas about how we can put our hands and time to use this fall.

Mother Earth News. We recently picked up a copy of this with a gift card I received and found an easy, yummy bread recipe we love. Thom was the initiator and baker ... I'm so blessed!

I've never been much of a reader. I don't know why exactly but at some point in 5th grade I gave up reading. I faked my way through book reports and shrugged at reading assignments. Even in college I dreaded the hours my eyes were assigned to read each night. Sure I was passing my courses but I wasn't really learning. I decided I wasting my time and money by continuing. I even told a WHOPPER of a lie in Bible College in order to pass a class. It was a yes or no question on our final and I really didn't want to fail.

The shame!

Is it a short attention span? Perhaps I can find a scientific study to defend my inability to sit through an entire book. Or is it merely a defiant attention span? Regardless, it is the same reason I never play Monopoly ... it just takes too long!

Surprisingly there are a lot of books I've started reading over the years and actually finished. And while my college years would say otherwise, I do like to learn. Apparently I have a problem with being TOLD to learn.

Matter of fact, I don't like being told anything.

Pride. Competitive spirit. Perfectionism. These characteristics don't bode well with "humble servant". The Book that intertwines all the threads in my life cautions me against such things. So I've been praying lately for change. My personality, my reactions, my base line .... I am in need of an overhaul!

In fact, so is my house! I am desperate for COLOR on my walls and a magic eraser for the clutter. We plan to move in the spring but I don't know if I can wait that long. The fake wood paneling is caving in and I spin in and out of depression depending on the number of piles that accumulate on every surface!

.... oh, how did I get here? I meant to talk about Christmas crafts and now I'm spilling my guts about my character flaws. This is why a box of tissues sits on top of the books and magazines on my nightstand.... As my brother once said, "You have more issues than the National Geographic!"

I always liked those magazines.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, you are funny, but in that "I can laugh at myself" kind of way ... I battle clutter and long projects turn me off, too. *sigh* whatever are we to do?

Linda said...

I loved this post. there are a lot of crafty blogs you could look it. Most with step by step instructions.