Saturday, September 18, 2010

I need a reminder!

I have several email addresses including a work account that sends me daily emails regarding the tasks on my calendar. As I've gotten older and added "mom" to the list of hats I wear, I've found that if I don't write things down I won't remember. Sadly, if I do write it down I'll most likely forget. Thank God for email reminders that are sent for each task I save in my google calendar. Otherwise I probably wouldn't remember the baby shower, the lunch meeting, or the monthly report at work. Oddly enough, I just received an email reminder from my work calendar. It simply stated this:

Reminder: Vacation.

I thought for a brief second about signing in to delete the reminder .... what a nuisance to be reminded daily of the obvious ... but then again .... being reminded every day to BE on vacation might actually be helpful.

You see, we're not going anywhere. Sleeping in. Sipping coffee until it's lunch time. Wearing my comfy clothes that I wouldn't dare leave the house in. BLISS. We have many plans. Lots of thoughts. I want to take advantage of every moment ... be it productivity or intentional laziness ... I will take advantage of EVERY moment.

What do you do when YOU "staycation"?


Paige said...

Love this! Our last 'staycation' was last Christmas & we were sick as dogs & didn't feel like doing anything... I'm hoping our next will be much more health-filled. But choosing to spend our days just being together? GOOD STUFF! Enjoy your time off ~ ♥

Mandy Leigh said...

we've never had a "staycation." YET! After reading that...I can't wait to plan one. Sounds so wonderful!