Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fruit overhaul: The lemon saga. Part I

We enjoy fresh food and occasionally buy more produce than we can actually eat in a week. Bananas are never on that list, however. No matter how many we buy we always seem to need more. It happens like this: I'm walking in the produce section with the wobbly cart that keeps veering left ... I've got my list, I'm checking it twice when I see the big sign that says "these are yummy and you should buy two!". So I do (because who wants to fight the sign?) and before we know it a week has gone by and we haven't even touched the yummy two-fers.

Sadly, we've thrown away more produce than I'd like to list. You'd think we had a slew of pigs out back and were insistent they eat organic and what's "in season". Inevitably something goes bad before we get around to preparing/using it in a meal or for whatever it was intended. I guess this is where meal planning would come in handy.

This morning when I realized the bag of lemons we bought well over a week ago was still loitering on the kitchen table I decided to tackle the job of making lemonade. Because, you know ... when life gives you lemons ....

juicing and cleaning the lemons

Not only did I have a large amount of juice and pulp, I now had a dozen bright yellow lemon peels with which to tease Martha Stewart. I was certain I would find a gazillion recipes and craft projects on the newest, coolest Martha thing to do with the zesty rinds ... but no! Just some candied treats and the smallest measuring spoon added to your baking. I was in need of a serious lemon solution.

"Why?" You ask. "Because you can't just throw them away! I'm sure they can be used for something!" the hoarder replies.

Yup. I totally get that show. Every single thing CAN be used for something. But ... uh ... I'm in recovery. So ...

lemon peels

So I went off the grid. Running my own show. Crafting like nobody has flickred/blogged/how-to'd before! I'm hoping these last til Christmas but from the research I've done I'm guessing Thanksgiving and then they'll be ready for the swines.

lemon peel cranberry garland

And I'm selling them, too. It's my million dollar idea. Seriously. I was thinking of just hanging them in the doorway but you can hang them on your curtain rod. Only I'd need to make the sign that says "They're yummy. You should buy two."

lemon peel cranberry garland

Hit me up if you'd like to order some for the pigs Holidays.


danica said...

Did you try putting them in the oven on REEEEEAAAALY low heat all day? Maybe you could buy another month that way?

Mandy Leigh said...

i gotta come see these things!