Friday, November 26, 2010

I love this girl.

Julia 1

My almost-3-year-old talks and looks bigger than she is.

She says things like,"How was your day Mom?" and "Of course you can!" So many things that I want to remember and retell her. So many things I don't write down and wish I did.

We went out to a few shops this afternoon and she was so busy watching other people she ran into a brick wall. Her forehead has the mark to show it!

"The sunshine is Lento, Mom" She says this at 6:15am as she opens the door to our bedroom. She pushes me over and continues "The sunshine is slow."

Yes, dear. It's slow. Why her internal clock is set to wake before 6:30am is beyond me. I tried to convince her to stay in bed until the sun has ACTUALLY risen. That lasted about 15 minutes. She bounced into bed with me proclaiming "The sun is up! Wake up everyone!"

She is quite the ray of sunshine herself. Always dancing, singing, laughing, smiling. Well. That, and she's always asking for a snack.

I just wanted to get a few things jotted down. And these adorable pictures. She's just too irresistible!


Dawn said...

Treasure her everyday before you know it you will be sharing her heart with someone else.I love my Son in Law and Grandson very much but it was hard to see her go.She will always be my Baby.

Andrea said...

i just can't believe i haven't met her. this helps. and those curls! dear goodness me those curls! she's so beautiful!

Paige said...

LOVE EEEEEET!!! Keep 'em coming!

Mandy Leigh said...