Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mid 30's Crisis

I've spent my entire life living by rules set by someone other than me. I've decided it's my turn to make the rules. And in honor of such a bold step on my part I begin with throwing out the rules.

I have begun a video series titled "Lights Out" featuring a sleepy, mascara smeared, greasy haired, pajama wearing me. I'm praying to God this goes well.

Tonight's episode of "Lights Out" is in 2 parts. An introduction: part 1 and An explanation: part 2

So let's begin ... shall we?


Paige said...

Oh heck yeah, I'm one of the three who not only loves you anyway, but loves you even MORE for this. Your honesty, your bravery, your never-say-dieness? Favorite qualities. And this? This reeks of those things! I can't wait for more! <3

Michal said...

Cant wait to watch!!! Love you!

Andrea said...

Count me as one of the three (and more) who love you. I am ALL in on this. Love it. Love you.

Diane said...

Guess I'm #3. Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

well then that must make me # 4 and I am okay with that.. cause you love the number 4 :) and I love you!!!!