Thursday, April 07, 2011

I'm online.

I’ve blogged about my life for the greater part of 8 years and I’ve been stalking you for longer.

If you’ve recently texted me that you have a new boyfriend, you better believe I’ve googled the hell out of his name, hometown, and work place.

Good news: he’s legit.

I feel more socially connected to friends that live 750 miles away than I do my own neighbors.

I use the internet for about 90% of all the information I receive in a day; weather, local events (if you consider a city 50 miles east of me “local”), world news, entertainment, research, education, and celebrity “happenings”.

My friendships are maintained through facebook, twitter, foursquare, and text messages. Rarely do I spend more than an hour a week talking on the phone with my closest friends or family. I might actually see a friend in real life twice a month. Maybe.

I have a Droid cell phone, a Droid tablet, a Windows laptop, a Windows desktop, DirecTV, and a wii. With the exception of sleeping, showering, and eating dinner with my family, I would say that one of those devices is in my control at all times of the day. If I don’t have my phone or tablet in my hand, I’m holding a remote control, the gaming gun, or a mouse.

My poor husband.

All this to say, when I research your company and can’t find information about what you sell, the hours you’re open, or the correct “dot” on the map to find you … I’m bewildered.

It is FREE people. FREE.

Getting your business’ information on the internet is absolutely, 100% free.

And when I walk into your business, after researching your company, to offer you my 8 years of stalking expertise and suggest that you make yourself more widely known and you say, “No, we don’t want to be on the internet. Our business is more of a hobby.” Then you, my unwebbed friend, have just successfully blown my mind.

When I reiterate that I want to offer this service for free, no strings attached, and you say “I’m just not ready for that yet. I’m a new business and I don’t think I could handle the publicity.” You have just won the award for the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard.

I’ve set out to help people find you. Choose you.

And you say no?

I'm obviously missing something.

Back to the drawing board.

Here's where I'm business blogging ...

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