Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One step behind

1. I don't like to ask for help.
2. Learning interests me.
3. Doing it myself interests me more.

I've taken up basic graphic design lessons. Free, online. Basic. For the sake of my own website. For the sake of other small businesses with a small marketing budget (if any!).

I can make shapes and words. But I don't know the first thing about design. Techniques. Industry standards. Graphic designers seem to have somthing in their genes. Either you have design sense or you don't. I'm not sure it's anything that can be learned.

Music, fashion, art ... I have no idea who's "in" or what's "hot". I'm not at the top of any list. Any field. Any category. I've always been a little behind the times. Behind the leaders. I've spent my life in the middle. Older brother. Me. Younger brother.

I wasn't concerned with being second when it came to passing out cookies. I knew I'd get mine. "Second" wasn't a cause for tears as long as we all received the same amount. And being one step behind never really bothered me either. Not when it comes to crossing a river or facing danger. I'll watch the steps you take and I'll place my foot on the same rock if it's dependable. I'd rather not be first at all.

While on vacation I watched people surfing. It's an impressive sport. Anticipating the wave. Positioning for it's arrival. Riding ahead of it. I admired them from shore. Watching the ocean swell and surfers rush to be in front.

I've never managed to be in front of any wave. No, I'm rushing just to keep a step behind.

I follow, I watch, I absorb, and then I act. Never because I had the idea first. Success is more certain when following someone who's already been successful.

And when it comes to graphic design, The Organic Bird is successful. Funny, though. She, too, wrote about being picked. Not first. Not last. Somewhere in the middle.

My I can relate to this antenna was at full tilt. I love how things I'm feeling are the same things you're feeling ... only different.

Most things I do are simple. Basic. In the middle. Honestly, I'm ok with that. I'm ok with being me. And I'm ok with trying to be more. Learn more. Do more.

Even if I wasn't "first".

My random attempts at graphic design:

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Andrea said...

I love it. I think we're all feeling like we're not the first ones picked at some point in life. It's the getting over it part that's the kicker. I'm so glad you're doing this. Excited to see how it could open doors for you!