Friday, March 23, 2012

Thoughts about my thoughts

Random Things of Little Interest.

1. My husband is on Pinterest. (Thought I'd start with a rhyme. And although Pinterest is generally considered a "female" thing ... I think it's cool that he's "pinning".)

2. I want to say things people shouldn't say. I want to be rude. Loud. Obnoxious. (Is this why people drink?)

3. I also want to live in peace. I want to be quiet. Harmonious. Respectful. (I think I should just go back to bed.)

4. Food coloring doesn't actually have a flavor but the color makes my mouth think it has flavor. (It's pretty, but carrot cake just isn't the same with purple cream cheese frosting.)

5. I measure the strength of coffee by comparing it to my daughters eyes. If it's as dark as her peepers it's gooooooooood coffee. (Of course, I muck it up with cream and sugar to create a warm coffee-flavored milk shake.)

6. I've waited all week to type invoices at work. Typically I type them every day. I am procrastinating by taking pictures of myself, my lunch (carrot cake!!), and my coffee. (I probably shouldn't be telling you this.)

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