Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lucky Charms and Johnny Cash

Is it presumptuous to think that if Jesus were here, today, he might eat Lucky Charms and listen to Johnny Cash with you?

I'd like to think that God is chill. That He'd give you permission to relax.

Most of my upbringing I spent Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights listening to sermons about how we need to DO, GIVE, BE more. How we are called to be warriors. Even now, songs on the Christian charts blare about being courageous, stepping up to be better men. Better women. Yet there are just as many sermons that tell you to LET GO AND LET GOD.

As a teenager this call to action was heavy in my heart - DO MORE. BE MORE. GIVE MORE. Even in the simple acts of worship - I wanted to know how high to raise my hands, how low to bend my knee ... how much was I to give? I wanted to see the figures, formulas, and rules. It's easy to follow rules. But letting go? "Letting God"?

"Letting Go" is not part of my nature. I spend a lot of time wound up like a spool of thread.

"Take a deep breath", I remind myself. While He's in the business of "more" ... He's also in the business of "just as you are." Either way, there is room for you. Eating Lucky Charms and listening to Johnny Cash.

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